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Rebekah Froelich, Pastry Chef 


Rebekah has always been passionate about baking since she was a little girl, creating recipes for her Easy Bake Oven at the age of 3. Since middle school, she knew that she wanted to turn her passion into a career. She graduated high school her junior year, after receiving early acceptance to Johnson and Wales University, a distinguished baking and pastry arts school. After earning her Associate's degree in 2015, Rebekah worked at various bakeries in Houston, only to realize that having her own bakery was really her dream. In 2018, she opened her cottage bakery, Bekah's Custom Desserts, in Cypress, Texas. In 2022, she moved to Hempstead, Texas where she is continuing to run her own cottage bakery. 


Rebekah's desserts are created from scratch from original recipes using quality ingredients. Her desserts are marked by their unique designs and her attention to detail. She is widely known in her community for her gorgeous cakes and adorable custom sugar cookies. Some clients' favorites are her delicious red velvet cake, raspberry macarons and vanilla bean sugar cookies.


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