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Custom Cakes

Cakes celebrate important dates, milestones and events in your life such as a wedding, a child's birthday, baby showers, etc. This is why it is our goal to supply our clients with the best cakes possible.


Each and every cake is made from scratch using fresh ingredients and hand decorated to ensure your cake not only looks great but tastes even better! 

Custom cakes are priced based on size, flavor and decor of the cake. Pricing starts at $6 per serving for simple buttercream designs.  Listed below are cake sizes, cake flavors, filling flavors and icing flavors.
 This will give you an idea of what we offer.

Size Options 

Round Cakes:

6" - 10-12 servings

8" - 20-24 servings

10" - 30-35 servings

12" - 40-50 servings 

14" - 65-75 servings

Square Cakes:
6" - 12-18 servings 

8" - 20-30 servings

10" - 35-45 servings

12" - 50-65 servings


Heart Cakes: 
6" - 8-10 servings

8" - 18-20 servings

Llama cake.jpg

Icing Flavors

Vanilla Bean Buttercream - fluffy, melt in your mouth buttercream. made with all butter and Madagascar vanilla bean. Some flavor variants include strawberry, lemon, cookies & cream, peanut butter, salted caramel and cinnamon

Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Icing - rich cream cheese icing infused with Madagascar vanilla bean. Flavor variants include strawberry, lemon, honey bourbon and cinnamon

Chocolate Buttercream - rich, melt in your mouth chocolate buttercream

Vegan Buttercream - vanilla or chocolate buttercream made with vegan butter - pairs great with our dairy free chocolate cake!

Filling Flavors

Lemon - fresh and tart lemon curd


Raspberry - sweet and tart raspberry compote


Strawberry - fresh, sweet strawberry compote

Mixed Berry- raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry compote


German Chocolate - a sweet coconut and pecan filling

Chocolate Ganache - rich chocolate filling in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate

Salted Caramel - sweet and salty. The perfect combination. 


Cake Flavors 

Vanilla Bean - light and fluffy cake made with Madagascar vanilla bean. 

Confetti - light and fluffy vanilla bean cake with rainbow sprinkles

Lemon -  refreshing light lemon cake. Made with fresh lemon juice and a touch of Madagascar vanilla bean. Pair this with fresh lemon curd for the perfect lemon cake.


Italian Cream - rich vanilla cake infused with coconut and walnuts

German Chocolate - a light and fluffy milk chocolate cake - often paired with German Chocolate filling

Chocolate - rich, moist chocolate cake *dairy free*

Red Velvet - moist light chocolate cake with a hint of coffee. A local favorite

Strawberry - a moist vanilla cake infused with pureed strawberries

Humming Bird - moist banana cake infused with pineapples and pecans

Pumpkin Spice - moist pumpkin cake with pumpkin pie spices. This makes a perfect fall cake!

Coconut - a moist coconut flavored cake with shredded coconut baked into the cake 

Gluten Friendly Vanilla - moist and flavorful cake infused with Madagascar vanilla bean. You won't believe it's gluten friendly *our kitchen contains flour and there is a chance of cross contamination*

Gluten Friendly Chocolate - rich, moist chocolate cake. *our kitchen contains flour and there is a chance of cross contamination* *dairy free*

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